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MONDAY 5/20 -Village Brush Pick-UpĀ 

See the Village Newsletter (to the right >>> OR down on mobile) for details.

GOLF CARTS on Village Streets…

Only street legal and properly licensed golf carts are allowed on the streets here in town. Golf carts must obey all traffic laws, traffic signals and rules of the road! Please visit the NB Police Dept. on North Main to have your cart inspected. Also, you must be a licensed driver to drive on village streets in your carts.

NO grass clippings in streets

PLEASE do not blow your cut grass into streets, road or alleys! Blow the cut grass back into your lawn. Bicycle and motorcycle rider safety can depend on your cooperation. AND it IS the “law”! ALSO – Keep the cut grass out of our storm sewers. This will save on costs and prolong the life of our storm sewer system. Thanks for your assistance and cooperation! 

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

The North Baltimore Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants during the month of May. The flushing will be divided into four sections of the Village with the railroad and Main St. as the dividing mark. May 8-9……..Northeast May 10……..Make-Up East Side May 13-14……..Southwest May 15-16……..Northwest May 17……..Make-Up West Side Residents may experience rusty water during this period. Please use caution when using water for laundry purposes. Should you do laundry during this testing period and rust appears on clothing, rust removing chemicals may be obtained through the Village office. The water will be safe to drink. If you should have any questions, please call the Water Department at (419) 257-2141 or the Village office at (419) 257-2394

Announcements & Notices:

If you have questions about Village of NB operations/policiescontact the Village Office – 419-257-2394 CSO Notification Click here for a link to the CSO Notification in pdf format

Zoning & Code Enforcement

The Village of North Baltimore has a zoning code that in enforced by the Village Administrator at this time. Zoning Certificate Application 2015

Site of Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

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