We continue to upgrade our modern water & sewer facilities!

We continue to upgrade our modern water & sewer facilities!

Village of North Baltimore Notices & Announcements:

Village Snow Route Reminder – Please Help Out!

Please remove cars from the street after 2 inches of snow or more for snow plowing.  Snow Emergency Streets will be cleared first.

Broadway from East Corp. Limits to Mitchell Rd.

Main St. from Roundabout to Quarry Rd.

Second St. from High St. to Quarry Rd.

Tarr St. from SR 18 to Cherry St.

West State St. from Main St. to Mitchell Rd.

Poe Rd. from Broadway to SR 18

Water St. from Poe Rd. to Mitchell Rd.

Rudolph Rd. from Quarry Rd. to Broadway 

DO NOT shovel, blow, or plow snow into the street.

If you have questions about Village of NB operations/policies
contact the Village Office – 419-257-2394

CSO Notification

Click here for a link to the CSO Notification in pdf format

Village Income Tax NOTICE:

The Village of North Baltimore has a one percent tax on earned income, regardless of where it is earned. The tax is administered by CCA in Cleveland.

Visit Central Collection Agency for more information. 

Village Council holds their REGULAR MEETINGS on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, Sept. through May, starting at 5:30 pm.

Council Committee of the Whole (COW) meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, starting at 5:30.