Village Commissions & Boards

Including: Tree Commission; Planning Commission; Tax Review Board; Zoning Board of Appeals; Records Retention Committee

Village of NB Website

Tree Commission

Mayor Goldner

Rick Van Mooy

Doug Wickard

Bonnie Knaggs

Leisa Zeigler

Michael Brillhart (staff)

Cherie Seiler

Planning Commission

JP Miklovic (chair)

Ginger Povenmire

Ronald ‘Ty’ Carles

Leisa Zeigler

Mayor Goldner

Tax Review Board

Tony Swartz (Finance Officer)

Janet Goldner (Mayor)

TBA (Legal Counsel)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Ryan Delaney (chair)


Malcolm Cameron no email – send letter

Roxie Emahiser no email

Michael Brillhart (Zoning Inspector)

Records Retention Committee

Tony Swartz (Interim Finance Officer)

TBA (Legal Counsel)

Jaimye Bushey (Citizen Representative)

Michael Brillhart (Administrator)