Village of NB Website

Tree Commission

Mayor Goldner

Rick Van Mooy

Doug Wickard ___________________

Bonnie Knaggs

Leisa Zeigler

____________ (staff)

Cherie Seiler

Planning Commission

JP Miklovic (chair)

Ginger Povenmire

Ronald ‘Ty’ Carles

Leisa Zeigler

Mayor Goldner

Tax Review Board

Tony Swartz (Finance Officer)

Janet Goldner (Mayor)

_________ (Legal Counsel)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Ryan Delaney (chair)


Malcolm Cameron no email – send letter

Roxie Emahiser no email

__________(Zoning Inspector)

Records Retention Committee

Tony Swartz (Interim Finance Officer)

TBA (Legal Counsel)

Jaimye Bushey (Citizen Representative)

_________ (Administrator)

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