Village Council Committees 2022

Includes Public Safety; Finance & Technology; Public Works; Public Utilities; Economic & Community Development; Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review

2022 Village Council Committee Assignments

Public Safety (Fire; Police; EMS)

Paula Beaupry, Leisa Zeigler, Mike Julien

Provide for safe and secure neighborhoods; coordinate and interface with other responsible county agencies for the purpose of ensuring protection of property and life of residents.

Finance and Technology (Electronic Data Processing; Budgeting)

Bill Cook, Paula Beaupry, Leisa Zeigler

Review issues related to taxation policy, budget development and review Village investments; review and recommend electronic hardware and software for Village use.

Public Works (Streets; Parks, Buildings and Land; Cemetery)

Leisa Zeigler, Mike Julien, Dee Hosmer

Provide upkeep for parks and cemeteries; responsible for the construction and maintenance of all Village streets; the preparation and letting of bids for authorized public work construction; the recommendation of proposals for authorized equipment; maintenance of Village buildings and grounds.

Public Utilities (Water; Wastewater; Stormwater)

Mike Julien, Tim Pelton, Paula Beaupry

Maintain and improve storm-water system; maintain water quality; maintain and improve treatment of wastewater; maintain and improve water and wastewater distribution system

Economic and Community Development (Zoning; Planning; Incentives; CEDA; Housing; Sidewalks; Downtown Revitalization)

Dee Hosmer, Bill Cook, Tim Pelton

Assess the development review process and recommend changes as needed to facilitate private investment while preserving the public’s interest in the zoning process. Expand and enhance high quality, non-residential economic development opportunities in a manner that maintains the Village’s small-town character and diversifies its tax base. Review issues related to economic development and growth management. Regulate land use; facilitate housing development and provide ongoing housing assistance for residents; maintain and accurate sidewalk inventory and develop and implement a sidewalk maintenance program. Downtown land use and development; building design; traffic and parking; urban design; marketing and promotional efforts and implementation of downtown streetscape plan and action agenda.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Selection and hiring process; Job descriptions and classification plan; Employee benefits; Village policy and procedures; Village Codified Ordinances)

Tim Pelton, Bill Cook, Dee Hosmer

Maintain and oversee the Village selection and hiring process. Review job descriptions, classification plan and employee review process. Assist with the development of the employee wage and benefit package. Review and maintain the Village Policy and Procedures Manual. Maintain and review The Village Codified Ordinances for consistency and applicability based on current needs for the good of the community.


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