Water & Sewer Department

Contact Brian at 419-257-2141 or email nboh3@wcnet.org

Brian Roberts, Water & Sewer Supt.

Hydrant flushing will be in the months of May and October.

Residents may experience rusty water during this time. Please use caution when using water for laundry. Should you do laundry during this testing time and rust appears on clothing, rust removal is available at the Village Office, free of charge.

The water will be safe to drink.


While rare, natural gas line leaks can be extremely dangerous with the potential hazards of fire or explosions.  Everyone should know the signs of a natural gas leak:

Smell- To help you SMELL a leak from a natural gas line or appliance, a familiar odor similar to sulfur or rotten eggs is added to natural gas.

See- Near a gas leak, you might SEE blowing dirt,  bubbling water or an unusual area of dead vegetation.

Hear- A leaking pipeline might make a hissing sound you can HEAR.

If you notice any of these signs, do not try to stop or repair the leak yourself or use anything that might create a spark, such as smoking or a cell phone.  Instead, leave the area immediately and then call DOMINION’S 24 HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER AT (800) 535-3000 and 911 for emergency response.  Wait from a safe distance for the emergency crew to investigate the situation and follow their instructions before returning to the area.

By law, individuals must contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S) by dialing 811 or 1-800-362-2764 at least two working days prior to any digging, ditching, drilling, leveling or plowing activity.